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The Aggregator is a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform created to serve as an interconnected liquidity gateway that functions through aggregation protocols created within the delegated broker-staking mechanism (proof of
broker). Our protocol functions through liquidity provided on swap pools, all major crypto currency exchange platforms (decentralized and centralized), giving the user the best aggregation tool that opens up possibilities to better decisions on liquidity swaps, arbitrage finance, liquidity pools and farming.

Aggregator will function as an independent portfolio manager, giving our user access to centralized and decentralized crypto currency exchanges without the need for regulated registrations and KYC verifications. Our protocol loops the other exchanges with their enlisted tokens, pool combinations and yields, and price disparities. Users will have the option of buying at the best possible prices available through our gateway without necessarily having to access these
exchanges individually, and sell at the highest possible prices available through our platform.

Users of the Aggregator terminal can enjoy our simplified terminal solution while making complex operations through the use of the Aggregator protocol. Investment pools on DEXs and CEXs are complicated when accessed individually on their native exchanges.

The platform will also give analytic accounts and reports on the performance of individual cryptocurrencies and liquidity pools with flexible operational time frames. We get this information from our inbuilt Al, that functions as a data gateway protocol that can work across multiple exchanges in real-time with almost zero latency and ping ratio. Accessing exchanges built on the Ethereum platform will be quicker but not significantly noticeable when compared to other platforms because synchronized data utility is made possible through strategic partnership within the crypto currency ecosystem.

Power Of Aggregation
Real Time Tracking

Our team is working on a system that will track price movements across the whole blockchain ecosystem with our revolutionary AI technology which uses almost zero latency.

Easy Registration

With Aggregator the entire registration process is simplified. The platform does not store private information about the buyer nor does it secretly store user’s data for advertisement benefits. Users on Aggregator have total control over their private data.

Best Buying Selling Rates

You can automatically find the best buying rates for any token you choose using the Aggregator platform, you can also sell at the best rate since the system automatically searches for the best buy and sell orders.

Cross Border Exchange

Aggregator will not only provide data from decentralized exchanges but will provide data collected from centralized exchanges. Users do not have to worry about missing out on CeFi or DeFi, while using either of them. Aggregator is the perfect neuro-link between the two.

User Friendly Interface

Our user interface will be simplistic in design. All important functions will kept in plain sight, thus ensuring that our users are able to navigate our platform without the hassles of having to attend a training session to understand the platform.

Unbeatable Low Execution fees

Using the AGGT token you will experience unbeatably low transaction and trading fees which we are able to provide as a result of the AI integration into the Aggregator Platform.

Trading Using Aggregation

Aggregator is the first exchange that will offer aggregation services not limited to one kind of exchange alone. Our platform will be designed to cut across all the popular exchanges regardless of the data storage method they decide to adopt, giving our users the ability to benefit from a number of methods. Arbitrage is also included. The Aggregator will serve as the neuro-link between exchanges and the crypto currency community at large.

With Aggregator, you do not need to worry about where the token you want can be bought and you don’t need to go through the hassle of signing up to new exchanges. Our platform aggregates the whole of the blockchain ecosystem and allows users to purchase the tokens they want in one place: The Aggregator exchange.

AGGT Token

Aggregator will provide a simplified access point for users to tap into  while accruing a charge of 0.01% by using the AGGT token.
The AGGT token is not only restricted to the trading charge function, but can also be used to access liquidity pools from selected farms for a profit.

By being the native token of Aggregator, AGGT can be used for value shortage, governance, utility, investment/liquidity pools and to initiate smart contracts calls within the platform.
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Market Cap

100,000,000 AGGT

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Our Strategy and Project Plan
Q4 2020
Q1 2021
Q1 2021
Q2 2021
Q2 2021
Q3 2021
Q4 2021
Q4 2021
Q1 2022
Q1 2022
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frequently Asked Questions
 Aggregation is the compiling of information across all of the exchanges listed on Coingecko with intent to supply our users with the best price for a specific token possible while making sure all transactions take place on our platform.
Decentralised exchanges are a type of cryptocurrency exchange which allow for direct peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions to take place online securely and without the need for an intermediary. This reduces unnecessary fees and burdensome compliance procedures.
The team at Aggregator are working to provide our users with a groundbreaking approach to exchanging tokens never seen before. The Aggregator platform will encompass all the tokens listed on major token databases and will provide it’s users with the best prices possible without having to redirect them to third party sites. Please refer to our Roadmap for our latest developments.
Aggregator benefits our users by making trading tokens easy and accessible to all and by providing the best possible prices for the tokens that our users are attempting to trade.

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